In the 20th Sunday of the Holy Spirit, the liturgy was served by priest Vojislav Risimović, the parish of the Pranjska, Diocesis of Žiča, together with the brothers of our temple.
Fr.Voja also spoke about the joy that a faith-bearing in life and eternal life brings with it




Priest Radomir Čvoro dilivered a lecture on "Education in the Faith" (recording). Fr.Radomir also staged from the personal, decades-old experience of teacher of religious instruction.

Within the Spiritual Evenings on Wednesday, October th18th 2017 at 7 p.m., in the Hall of
the Church of the Ascension, the lecture will be held on the topic
"Education in the Faith"
The lecturer is priest Radomir Čvoro


Priest Mikhail Čhikvin, a priest from the Polish town of Bjelistok accompanied by his parishioners, visited the sanctuaries of Belgrade and Serbia and on their way visited the Ascension church. The devotees welcomed the chief of the temple Arsenije Arsenijević with
the word (snapshot) of welcome and a short history of the temple.





 Jerej Vladimir Stanimirović served the liturgy. Radomir Čvoro (recording) presenteded the word.



Priest Vladimir Marković gave a lecture on the topic of "Mercy" (footage). Because of the
interesting topic, the lecture was attended by the students of the Belgrade Seminary.

Due to the small number of interested visitors, a trip to the St. Sava cave and Studenica is canceled.

A lecture will be held at the Vaznesenjska church hall, on the subject
The lecturer is priest Vladimir Marković.


At the day of the 8th of october 2017. in the parish housee of the temple of the Lord's
Ascension , the promotion of the book "Serbs from Livno, Educational - Spiritual Legacy"
was organized by the Association Ognjena Marija of Livno Serbs, held by prof. Dr. Brankо L. Docić, full time professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of  Banja Luka, and journalist Radovan L. Jović (clip).

DSC02194.JPGToday's liturgy was served by archipriest Milojko Milijančević together with the service of the brothers of our holy temple. On the subject of today's gospel, fr. Radomir Čvoro spoke to the faithful (footage), in which we heard that Christ calls simple ordinary people to be his followers. And why common - because their heart is clean and unburdened with daily worries. At the beginning fr.Radomir Čvoro said that today the faithful people gathered at the Holy Liturgy to pray to God, and to welcome two great saints to Tumane Zosima and Jakov.