Festive liturgy was served in the temple by head priest Arsenije Arsenijević with the concelebration of the brothers of our temple. With suitable homily (recording) fr. Arsenije addressed the faithful, and at the end of the liturgy cut the Slava cake to Boško our deacon, who is along with many others Slavar of todays celebration.

DSC01197.JPGTwenty-second week after Pentecost, the liturgy was served by the priest Arsenije Arsenijević, who also took a homily to the evangelical story of the poor Lazarus. In the word (recording) fr.Arsenije pointed out that a rich man whose name is not even mentioned in the story loses its identity because in his life he first pointed out the wealth given to him while Lazar, although poor and decrepit, as the dogs licked pus from his wounds, remained remembered by name because their poverty support with great suffering and without complaining. So the wealth, which was given to a rich man to favor him and neighbors, because of the hardness of his heart dwells on his conviction, while poverty ofwhat Lazar did not complain nor profane, was given him to be saved.


Archbishopric of Belgrade-Karlovac

Radio "Slovo ljuve" and

Temple of Ascension

Invite You to the lecture


academic Mirjana Zivojinović

Wednesday, the23rd of November 2016. on 7 pm.

Hall of the temple of Ascension, street Admirala Geprata 19,

Maintenance of series of lecture "Talks with prominent scientists" supported by the Department for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities.

Admission free. You are welcome !




Holy Liturgy was served by the priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with priests, brothers of our temple. Sermon (recording) on the evangelical story of the Sower and the seed was presented by deacon Radomir Čvoro.



Deacon Boško Savić presented the lecture (recording) on a topical and serious theme "The Christian perspective on abortion and in vitro fertilization", in an interesting and instructive way in the crowded hall of our parish hall.


On the feast of St. Demetrius Church celebrates an  important mention of the terrible earthquake that struck Constantinople in the year 740. That was what was presented in the homily (recording) of the Elder of the temple priest Arsenije Arsenijević, who as well celebrates today's holiday. With fr.Arsenije who served todays service together with priests and deacons from the brotherhood of our temple.

The guest of spiritual evening will be

Deacon Boško Savić

with the theme

"The Christian perspective on abortion and in vitro fertilization"

Lectures are held on Wednesdays at 7pm.

in the parish hall of the Church of the Ascension.



 Holy Liturgy was served today, archipriest Milojko Milijančević who in homily (recording) talked on the topic of today's evangelical story about the poor widow from Naina whose son was resurrected from the dead by our Lord Jesus Christ.



In the hall of the parish hall of the temple successfully was presented the book „The unrepeatable repeatability“ by Archpriest Aleksandar Mihailović (recording).​


Deacon Branislav Kedžić presented a very interesting lecture (recording) on the subject of ecclesiastical history of poetry, answering informative and interesting facts about poetic creativity for the purpose of services, which was formed by the inspiration of the holy hymnography, and power and grace of the Holy Spirit. It was a great pity that in our parish hall there were no more interested in this very important topic.