A lecture on the theme "Media War - Media Manipulation from Yugoslavia to Ukraine" was held in the parish home of our temple (recording).


Today our holy church celebrates the feast of St. Martyr Prince of Serbian Lazarus with all newmartyrs of Serbia. Arsenije Arsenijević together with the clergyman and the deacon of our temple, served the liturgy. Arseny also staged about today's holiday (footage). At the end of the liturgy, a celebratory cake was cut in honor of today's holiday, and a commemoration was served to all the dead and dead slaves of God who laid down their lives for the defense of the Serbian state for the freedom of the Serbian people from the time of the Kosovo battle to this day.


In the third Sunday on the Holy Spirits, the liturgy was served by Vladimir Stanimirović. Radomir Čvoro, a deacon, staged to the present gospel (recording).

"You can not serve God and Mammon" - the main message of today's gospel.


On the second Sunday of the Holy Spirit, the liturgy was served by the arcipriest fr. Milojko Milijancević, who also presented the sermon (recording). The Savior chose free men, fishers, and apostles, because they spend their entire lives in nature, and they testify to them all day long about the omniscient and all-encompassing creator.

Temple of Saint Ascension in Belgrade



Prof. of Orthodox Theological Faculty in Belgrade

Vladan Tatalovic

"The Holy Spirit and the Church in the New Testament"



Lectures are held on Wednesdays from 7pm. in the premises of the Parish Church of the



 On the feast of All the Holy, the Liturgy was served by archipriest fr. Dragan Radovanović,who also presented the sermon (recording). "Whoever confesses Me before men, I will confess Him before the Father to my heavenly ones", the words that were heard today in the Holy Gospel, written by the Holy Apostle and the gospel writer Matthew.




On the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, Liturgy was served by the priest Arsenije Arsenijević together with brothers of our temple. Fr.Arsenije also presented the homily (recording).




Today's festive liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević, who also presented the homily (snapshot) of the saints whose feast we celebrated that day.




Professor Vladimir Medenica held a lecture on "Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, the church" (recording).




Painter Milosav Mladenović successfully promoted his collection of poems "Autumn Sun" (recording) with an interesting cultural and artistic program.