In the Sunday before the feast of the Epiphany, the Gospel of Mark is read, and the very beginning, which mentioned a sermon of St John the Baptist who announces the arrival of the promised Messiah. Jerej Arsenije Arsenijević has served liturgy and presented the homily (recording) on the upcoming holiday.



Today our holy Church celebrates the feast of the circumcision of the Lord Jesus Christ and the feast of St. Basil the Great. Liturgy of St Basil the Great was served by monk Ignatije Shestakov who addressed to the faithful with homily (recording).





On the third day of Christmas the world church celebrates the importance of the first martyrs, who laid their lives for the faith in Christ, the Holy Apostle and Archdeacon. Holy Liturgy was served by the priest Arsenije Arsenijević who presented the homily and (recording) addressed the believers.


In this week except for the Resurrection of Christ we celebrate His birth as well, we celebrate the feast of the Convocation of Most Holy Mother of God, which gives birth to the Saviour of the world to us and we remember the prophet David, and James the Lord's brother. Fr. priest Vladimir Stanimirović served the Liturgy together with deacon of our church. Sermon (recording) on today's feast was presented by the deacon Radomir Čvoro.




 Christmas Message


Serbian Orthodox Church




Christmas Eve at the Ascension church was celebrated by the festive vigils and the traditional burning of the Yule log. With suitable homily and holiday fire, the faithful adressed Elder of the temple Arsenije Arsenijević, inviting all to celebrate the holidays in peace and mutual tolerance and love, as do the children among them, as God was shown to us as a newborn tad as Christ the Divine Child.



Today our holy Church celebrates the Sunday of the fathers of Christ according to the body, and such a feast obefore Christmas Eve church council was established in order to evidence that Christ is truly god-man, perfect God and perfect man, whose origins by the body is known from the time of fathers. Festive speech was presented by deacon Radomir Čvoro (recording).




Audio recording of lecture on the topic "Do Christians fear of death" by Dr. Aleksandra Pavićević.



Today our holy Church celebrates Sunday ancestors of Christ according to the body of St. Spiridon miracle worker and festive of mothers. Liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with brothers, a speech at today's gospel was spoken by priest Arsenije Arsenijević (recording).





The recording of the lecture "Electronic Mission of the Church" by deacon Aleksandra Savić