Holy Church has established the holidays and worship, which serve the salvation of man. The Resurrection of Christ as the esence of the faith and hope as basis of every believer occupies a central place in the life of the church. Memorial Day as a holiday commemorating all died in faith, is essentially the memory of eternal life and the resurrection, because of the hope and faith of every Christian to eternal life in the realm of the living in the Kingdom of God.To us, alive, an opportunity to renew the memory of the transience of life and the natural effort in preparation for eternity, which we show by offering prayers for our deceased, through which we ourselves receive the grace of God that gives us the comfort of the deceased and introduces us into eternity. Memorial Day is not a feast of death and transience it is more memory and hope of eternal life in the kingdom of God.



His Grace Bishop of Toplica Arsenije, vicar of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej served the liturgy in our temple at today's feast. Bishop addressed the gathered faithful with fatherly instruction through his speech (recording) to today's gospel of the prodigal son.



Sunday of Mitar and Pharisees is the first in a series of preparatory weeks before the sacred and the great feast. Liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with the brothers of our temple. Fr. Vlada presented the homily (recording) to today's gospel of the repentant and steady and pridefull Mitar and Pharisee.





Liturgy was served by Archpriest Milojko Milijančević, and sermon (recording) was spoken by the deacon Radomir Čvoro.


Liturgical assembly and the event, prepared by the elementary school students from our parish celebrated the feast of St. Sava. The Liturdy was served by Archpriest Dragan Radovanović together with the brothers of our temple. Fr.Dragan presented the homily (recording) about the feast. After the liturgy the Slava cake was cut, and the patron of the slava Mr. Dejan Pavlović has provided gifts for the students who participated the event.



  Festive liturgy was served by priest Mihajlo Vukčević, together with brothers priests and deacons of our church. Upon completion of the Liturgy and cutting of the Slava cake in honor of the Virgin, fr. Mihajlo addressed the faithful with a short homily in which he recalled the miraculous hagiography icon whose feast we celebrate today.




The first Sunday after Epiphany the Liturgy served Archpriest Dragan Radovanović together

with the brothers of our temple. Sermon (recording) of repentance presented fr. Dragan.


 The day after the Epiphany, the feast of the baptism of the Lord, we celebrate St. John the Harbringer and Baptist prophets who did baptism. Holy Liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević together with the brothers of our temple. Fr.Arsenije presented the homily and the (recording) on the feast of Convocation of St. John the Baptist.





  The word (recording) fr.Vladimira Stanimirović on Epiphany.


On the eve before the Epiphany, the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan river by John, established the Feast of the Holy Cross. Today's feast is not dedicated to the Holy Cross as a mark but above all the memory of the sermon of St. John the Baptist and his administering baptism in the Jordan, that is for our salvation received as will by the Lord Jesus Christ.