If when someone devout and God-loving, let him gloat this beautiful and bright glory. If when  someone is resonable servant, let rejoicing enter into the joy of thy Lord. If fasting is when the  trouble is, now receives a salary ...



Today's sacred liturgy is full of symbols, which liturgicaly reflects redemption of mankind, which defeated death and destroying Ad, merciful Christ gives tous. Having descended into Hades Christ, today, saves the souls of all the righteous of the Old Testament who died in expectation of the Messiah, and not losing hope and faith that he would await Him and today are being saved from the bondage of death. Therefore today is looming unsetting dawn oftimeless eternal eighth day, the day of the Resurrection of Christ (the sermon fr.Arsenija-recording).



Worship of Holy week has attracted a large number of believers, because then they are listening to the service, which, in our temple is perform in Serbian language, can more clearly and discover the awful truth beyond mind of conformation of salvation of mankind. One of the most visited services is Matins of Holy Saturday, which is popularly known as the last rites of Christ.




On the evening service in front of the full temple the Epitaphios was presented for the kissing and adoration of the faithful venerate. The evening service is served Elder of the temple with his brothers, priests and deacons, and very inspired homily the priest Milojko Milijančević (recording). Tonight starting at 8pm. we will serve Matins of Holy Saturday with the Commemoration service.



What is that? Breathlessly You are lying before us, lifegiving! Your mouth are speechless, the Word of God! Your hands and feet are in blood, Thou Who created man by Thy hand and keep all the universe in palm of thine! Thy rib is stabbed, Thou, who from Adam's rib createdEve! Thy eyes are closed, Thou see all the hidden ...





On Holy and Great Friday we are persuing the memory of the holy and life-saving, profoundly suffering of the Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who willingly He received for us.





The Great and Holy Thursday, as all the wonderful structured by divine fathers, receiving from one another beginning with the divine apostle, from clerics and divine Gospels, handed us four things to celebrate: priest washing the feet, followed by a secret dinner with talk of terrible secrets, then the supernatural prayer and betrayal of Judas.

Tonight, starting at 5pm. vigil with an act of terrible suffering of Christ is served.



Mr. Vladimir Medenica's lecture (recording), under the theme of Cross of Serbia, once again gathered a large number of listeners, who have attentively followed his presentation.




The Holy and Great Wednesday commanded Holy Fathers that we serve commemoration to woman harlot who who anointed the Lord with peace; as this happened just before the life-saving suffering.





In Sinaksaru for today is interpreted the story of the five wise and five foolish girls. Holy Fathers of the Church dedicated the story to the memory of the Great Tuesday, because it is Christ Himself upon entering Jerusalem was saying that story to his holy disciples and apostles and Judahs who were listening to him.. In commenting on this story holy Fathers say ...