Today's liturgy has been served by the priest Arsenije Arsenijević and his homily reminded us of the holy martyrs hagiography Teodoro whose miraculous annunciation Christians were saved from desecration, which is why the church ordered that the first Saturday in great fasting celebrates the memory of this wonderful perish for God.




Monday, Thursday
07:30. Matins and First Hours
17:00. Evening service


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
07:00. Matins, hours bin the continuation wiyth the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.
17:00. Preevening service

07:30. Liturgy
17:00. Vigil

09.00. Liturgy
17:00. Evening sevrvice






 His Grace Bishop of Toplica, vicar of Serbian Patriarch Irinej, Mr. Arsenije, served the liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts in the Temple of the Ascension, in the presence of a large number of believers and fellow priest and deacon brothers of our temple.





With the presentation Mr. Aleksandar Cvetković has successfully promoted his book "In the name of the people", talking about the suffering of Serbian priests.






По правилу о богослужењу данас је у присуству великог броја верних одслужена прва пређеосвећена литургија у овогодишњем великом посту. Литургијом је началствовао јереј Арсеније Арсенијевић уз саслуживање браће свештеника и ђакона.







According to church tradition, after the evening service, fr.Arsenije Arsenijević read a prayer for the beginning of Lent, and then everyone, the priests and the people, reconcile with each other and forgive each other all to welcomed in peace after long days of accomplishments, holy Christ's resurrection.



Today's liturgy was served by the priest Arsenije Arsenijević, who also presented the homily. His lesson and message to all the faithful was about keeping the law of faith, and that after having receiving baptism we have been freed from the bondage of the law of life and lead our lives in the service of the church and our neighbors, and acquiring of virtue.






On Wednesday the 16th of March at 7pm., on a spiritual evening in the rectory of the temple of Ascension the guest will be Dr. Srdjan Cvetković.





Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

07:00  Matins with the hours preceding pre-evening service
17:00 Great evening service and the canon of St. Andrew of Cretan

Wednesday and Friday
7:00 Matins with the classes preceding pre-sanctified liturgy
17:00 Great evening service and the canon of St. Andrew of Cretan (served the first four days of Lent)

07:30 Liturgy
17:00 Vigil

09:00 Liturgy
17:00 Evening service

 Црква је отворена сваким даном од 07,00 до 19,00 часова.






 With the desire to once again hear the inspiring tale of Patriarch Paul, a large number of interested attentively listened to tonight's lecture.