After the Temple celebration the custom emerged the service for the founders, the donors, clergy, benefactors, big benefactors, tutors and all the contributors of the temple. Today during the Liturgy in our church we have served such commemoration to remember all those from the founding and building of the temple who helped and participated in the life of the Church of the Ascension.


The Seventh Sunday after Easter, an eve of the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit, is celebrated ecclesiastical Council of the Fathers of the Church gathered in Nicaea by invitation Ravnoapostolnogo Emperor Constantine. Priest Milosav, who served the service, in his cermon (recording) indicated that beside the importance of the Council itself, which we remember, the character of God home conformation of man salvation through Christ's Holy Resurrection and Ascension.


Liturgy, served by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej and Bishop Irinej Dobrijević, together with clergy of our, but also with guests from other dioceses, celebrated the slava of our temple and our capital. To established custom and rule after the liturgy all present believers with their bishops and priests, took to the Litium which showed once again that we are all one in Christ and that our capital city is spiritually alive because it was built on the ancient Christian foundations, which like cornerstones in the Lord, through the history belong many of saints from our generation, led by holy Despot Stefan of Belgrade estalished for the capital of his state. More about the celebration of the holiday can be found on the pages (link), with sermons that can be listened to radio broadcasts on the pages of radio"Slovo ljubve"(1),(2),(3).


After the solemn vigil initiated the Ascension Spiritual Academy, which was with its suitable homily (recording) opened by the Bishop Arsenije, on behalf of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej. As part of the Spiritual Academy performed the Choir of Ascension temple as well as famous actors Nebojša Dugalić, Branislav Platiša and Dragica Ristanović. Stories from the history of the temple expressed the historian Zoran Nikolić. Upon completion of the program of cultural and artistic Ascension Academy the Elder of the temple priest Arsenije Arsenijević thanked (recording) participants and visitors for their contributions to the celebration of the Temple and the city's slava.


 Begining of the celebration of the city and the Temple of Ascension slava has started by serving the festive vigil by Bishop of Toplica Mr.Arsenije together with brotherhood of the temple of Ascension. Solemn atmosphere was contributed by the chanting of desk choir of the temple as well as the choir of the temple, to the spiritual joy of the faithful attended who filled the church.



With joy we invite you to



Nebojša Dugalić

Ljubivoje Tadić

Branislav Platiša

Dragica Ristanović

Zoran Nikolić

Choir of Ascension Church

Choir ,, Vidovdan ,,

The programe is presented by Bojana Jovanović


Admirala Geprata Street 19

THE 8th OF JUNE / 7:30 PM

Entrance free






Slava of the Municipality оf the city of Beograd

And the Temple of Holy Ascension

Thursday the 9 th of June, year 2016.

Holy Liturgy commence at 9:00AM.

Lithium begins in front of the Temple

оf Holy Ascension at 11:30AM.

We invite all Belgrade citizens to celebrate their own Salva

and participate in Lithium.

the Authorities of the Temle


Spasovdan Academy

The church of Ascension the 8 th of June 7:30PM

Participating : Nebojša Dugalić, Ljubivoje Tadić, Branislav Platiša, Dragica Ristanović,

Zoran Nikolić, Choir of Ascension Church, Choir ,, Vidovdan ,,,

the programe is presented by Bojana Jovanović



The week that comes dedicated to the story of the blind, of the Holy Scriptures, born without eyes whom Christ heals. The sermon (recording) presented by priest Arsenije Arsenijević revealed us the meaning and the lessons of this story. Also we enter the week when we give loyal feast of the Resurrection of Christ, but with this we do not quench the joy of this holiday because in addition we feast the Ascension, which is the temple and the city slava.Informtion about the celebration of the slave will be announced, in the temple as well as on our website and in other media.


Today our Holy Church celebrates the feast of emperors Constantine and Helen. Elder of the temple who also served the liturgy in his sermon (recording) presented the  importance of the work that holybelived emperors spent strengthening the position of the Holy Church and the saving themselves through these works. Liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with the elder, and the brothers of our temple.



The fifth Sunday after Easter is Sunday of Samaritan. Vladimir Stanimirović priest, who served the liturgy,also presented the homily (recording), on the evangelical story about meeting a woman of Samaria with Christ, at the well of Jacob.


Sacred Liturgy today was attended by the dear guests, palmers of holies of our city from  Belarus. In order to provide them with better hospitality, brotherhood temple served the  liturgy in its entirety on the Church Slavonic language, which is related to them, and who may  be easier to understand. In the spirit of Christian brotherly love and the Serbian hospitality,  Elder of the temple welcomed the dear guests with a short homily (recording) in which he  emphasised most important truth about the benefits of palmer travels. Upon completion of  service it continued with an exchange of spiritual love in Christ for the modest dining table.