Today our Holy Church celebrates the feast of emperors Constantine and Helen. Elder of the temple who also served the liturgy in his sermon (recording) presented the  importance of the work that holybelived emperors spent strengthening the position of the Holy Church and the saving themselves through these works. Liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with the elder, and the brothers of our temple.



The fifth Sunday after Easter is Sunday of Samaritan. Vladimir Stanimirović priest, who served the liturgy,also presented the homily (recording), on the evangelical story about meeting a woman of Samaria with Christ, at the well of Jacob.


Sacred Liturgy today was attended by the dear guests, palmers of holies of our city from  Belarus. In order to provide them with better hospitality, brotherhood temple served the  liturgy in its entirety on the Church Slavonic language, which is related to them, and who may  be easier to understand. In the spirit of Christian brotherly love and the Serbian hospitality,  Elder of the temple welcomed the dear guests with a short homily (recording) in which he  emphasised most important truth about the benefits of palmer travels. Upon completion of  service it continued with an exchange of spiritual love in Christ for the modest dining table.



Today we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost Pentecost. Once we fasted forty days and trying to acquire helpful habits, graced by the brightest holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, the Lord was giving us a period of not forty, but even fifty consecutive days of celebration and spiritual joy ...



Today our Holy Church celebrates the feast of educator of Slovenian Nations equal to the apostles brothers Cyril and Methodius. Liturgy in our temple was served by fr.Milosav who also presented the homily (recording). In addition to the feast of Cyril and Methodius today is celebrated st.Nikodim Serbian as well.



Fourth Sunday after the Resurrection of Christ is the Sunday Infirm, so called because of the evangelical stories to be read that day. The Liturgy was served Fr. Milojko Milijančević who also presented the  homily (recording).



On Wednesday 25.05.2016 starting at 7 pm. in the premises of the parish house of the Ascension Church will be held the promotion of the novel, entitled "Little Princess" author Ana Vukoman aout the life of Serbian Queen Simonida.


Third Sunday after Resurrection is the Sunday of Myrrhbearers. Sunday, which celebrates the importance of devout women who followed Christ and who were the first witnesses of His resurrection. Also today is the memorial of Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus who are removing Christ from the cross over his body performed the act of the entomb. Today's liturgy was served by fr.Milosav who presented the homily (recording)..



Today our holy Church celebrates St. Basil of Ostrog. Festive liturgy was served by Archpriest fr. Milosav Radojević, whose speech can be in full transfered (recording).






The second Monday after Easter, the Church remembers all the faith deceased and it's the first  day after the feast of the Resurrection of Christ when Podušje are given to deceased . With  this act, serving the commemoration after the feast of the Resurrection is disclosed the proper  attitude on the mention of our deceased ancestors ...