Sunday's liturgy of Myrrhbearers was served by priest Mihailo Vukčević together with brothers priests and deacons of our church.




Dr. Nenad Antonijević and Mr. Bojan Vićentić, gave a lecture (recording) of the Allied bombing of Belgrade on Easter 1944.



Pilgrimage to the Monastery of Holy Archangels – Miholjska Prevlaka

and the Monastery Ostrog from 9th to 12th of May.





At Thomas' Sunday liturgy was served by priest Milojko Milijančević, who also took the homily (recording).

In the Holy and Great Saturday, the liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović and priest Arsenije Arsenijevicć took homily (recording). Holy Saturday is the day when Christ went down into Hades preached the gospel to all who are trapped to death. On the day of the Resurrection Hades is destroyed and devastated a death destroyed death, and instead there is only eternal life.

This sacred and Holy Saturday is the only Saturday which loaded post.



In the holy and a great Friday by the usual practice in our temple the evening service was served presenting Epitaphios, and later, starting at 8pm., the Matins of Holy Saturday was served with the funeral service for Christ.



On the great and holy Thursday liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević together with brothers of our temple. Fr. Arsenije presented homily (recording) of what happened to Christ on Holy Thursday and to us today and what impact on our salvation has todays celebrated feast.


His Eminence Mr. Arsenije Glavčić, Bishop of Toplica, together with brothers, priests and deacons of our church, served the festive liturgy. Bishop Arsenije taught the faithful sermon (recording) on today's holy Gospel.


In the presence of a large number of children lithium and festive vigil was served on the eve of the feast of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Vrbica is one of the holidays that children are happiest and when in most gather in their temples. The participants were addressed by the homily of Archpriest Jovan Planojević retired priest our temple (recording).


Prist Vladimir Stanimirović served the festive liturgy, together with the brothers of our temple. In the afternoon beginning at 4 pm. starts the festive lithium-vrbica, followed by a vigil. We invite all parishioners to come to the church and take the children because our Savior Jesus Christ, said, Let them appeal not forbid them to come for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.