недеља Цветна

In the Floral Week, we remember the events when Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey when the dwellers of Jerusalem greeted him by placing their garments and palm branches over the path of Christ

The Holy Liturgy was served by father Vladimir Stanimirović, and father Arsenije Arsenijević presented the sermon. (listen).


In the ceremonial hall of the Church of Ascension in Belgrade, on Monday, April the15th, a book review "Serbian Paths in Scandinavia" was held - of Mr. Tihomir Barbulović, a journalist and a writer (listen).

недеља Глувна

Continuously managing Orthodox Christians during the Quadragesima to the sanctified feasts of fasting and repentance, the Church in the service of the fifth week comfort and encourage by the fact that they have already passed half of the post.Church for three days of the fifth week: Thursday, Saturday and the Resurrection day, incentives to the faithful of the wholesomeness. On Thursday, in the morning service, the Church will sing the whole canon of St. Andrew Kritsky and the Holy Virgin. and prep. Mary of the Egyptians. For these reasons, the reading of the canons of St. Andrew Kritsky on Thursday, of the fifth week of the Great fast, is still called the standing of Mary Egyptian.

In the fifth week of the fasting, the Liturgy Assembly was led by archipriest Dragan Radovanović. in his word, to the faithful father Dragan spoke about how and when to approach the Holy Chalice. (listen).

отац Вукашин

Vukašin Milicević, professor at the Faculty of Theology at Belgrade, held a lecture on "Freedom as a Choice or Freedom as a Liberation" on Tuesday, April the 9th, 2019 in the temple of the Lord's Ascension in Belgrade

недеља крстопоклона

The Blessings belong to the Order of the Holy Mother of God feasts and are celebrated on March the 25th (April the 7th). On this holiday, we remember the event when the Holy Archangel Gabriel brought to the Most Holy Virgin the news that she would give birth to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This year, this holiday fell into a middlefast week in which we remember St. John the Ladder.

Arsenije Arsenijevič, with the service of archipriest Milan Radovanović, archipriest Novo Gojić and three deacons. In his word Father Arsenije spoke about the secret of the holiday (listen).

Помен пострадалима

On Saturday, April the 6th this year, in our Holy Temple, the Holy Liturgy was served by priestVladimir Stanimirović, with the service of the archideacon Steva Rapajić. After the liturgy, the brotherhood of the temple served the commemoration for the victims in the yard of the Ascension church during the bombing of Belgrade on Easter on April the 6th, 1941.

Vukasin Milićević

07:30 Matins
5 p. m. Vespers
07:30 Matins
5 p.m. Preyor kanon of st. Despot Stefan
7 a.m. Matins in continuation Liturgy of Presanctifiedgifts
5 p.m. First Vigil
07:30 Liturgy of Presanctifiedgifts
5 p.m. Vespers
7 a.m. Matins in continuation Liturgy of Presanctifiedgifts
5 p.m. Second Vigil
07:30 Liturgy
5 p.m. Vigil
9 a.m. Liturgy
5 p.m. Vespers


јеромонах Петар

Traditionally, as every Tuesday in the temple of the Lord's Ascenscion in Belgrade, on Tuesday evening, the Spiritual Evening was held, where the lecture was presented by Hieromonk Petar Dragojlović, the abbott of Pinosava monastery from the eparchy of the Šumadija, on the topic of "Fast as a Multidimensional Accomplisment of Love" (listen).

недеља крстопоклона

The third week of the Holy Quadragesima is dedicated to celebrating and glorifying the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord. In one liturgical song, we chant the Cross, the guardian of the whole universe, the Honorable Baptism is the support of the faithful, the glory of Angels and the wounds (pain) of the demons. In the time of the Great Lent in the fasting and subconscious, we need support and consolation so that we do not fall. That support, consolation and strength in the midst of the Holy forty gives us the power of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord.

In our temple the Holy Liturgy was served by father Vladimir Stanimirović, together with the service of the retired father Novo Gojić and three deacons. In his speech fr. Vlada spoke aboutthe importance of the cross and the undertaking for our salvation (listen).