Недеља трећа по Духовима

On this Sunday, the Liturgy was served by archipriest Milojko Milijancević togethert with the service of the brothers of our temple. Fr. Milojko also spoke about forgiveness (listen).


The elder of our temple fr. Arsenije Arsnijević, gave a brief overview of the problem of homosexuality and the way in which we should look at the topic at all.

You can read the whole text under the title of the Outline about homosexuality, at the web site (NEW STANDARD), with the following (link) the text of Father Arsenije.


Недеља друга по Духовима

Sunday the second upon the Spirits In the second week after the feast of Spirits, the Liturgywas served by archipriest Dragan Radovanović together with the service of the brothers of our temple, fr. Dragan also spoke in today's Gospel (listen).


Недеља прва по Духовима

In the first Sunday of the Holy Spirit, the church celebrates all the saints for centuries , and this year, on this Sunday we also celebrate the feast of the holy emperors Constantine and Jelena

Arsenios Arsenijević, the clergyman and the brothers of our temple, served the liturgy, fr.Arsenije also spoke about today's holiday (listen).



On the eighth Sunday after the Resurrection, the Liturgy was served by archipriest Milijanko Milijancević, together with the service of the brothers of our temple, father also staged the word on the occasion of this great church holiday (listen).

Свети Кирило и Методије

On the feast of the holy Cyril and Methodius , the enlighteners of the Slovene People, the liturgy was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijevi together with the service of the brothers of our temple. Sermon was spoken by fr. Arsenije (listen). 


Драгослав Бокан

Dragoslav Bokan staged a lecture on the topic "Nemanjići" accordng to the reference of the TV series Nemanjići(listen). 




Wednesday the23rd of May 2018. At 7 p.m.

TV series:




Седма Недеља по Васкрсењу

In the Seventh Sunday after the Resurrection, the Church of Christ recalls the Holy Fathers of the first Vaseljen Council. The liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović together with the service of the brothers of our temple. The sermon was presented by priestArsenije Arsenijević.

According to the ecclesiastical custom in the first Sunday after the temple celebration, parasthesis was performed for all the founders, the ktitori, the benefactors, the great benefactors and the attendants of our temple (listen).


Спасовдан 3

With The Patriarch Liturgy at the church of Ascension and the lithium through the central town streets of the city of Beograd its slava the Ascension of Lord, Spasovdan, was celebrated. The host of celebration was city manager Gran Vesić.

His Holiness the Patriarch of Serbia Irinej served the holy Archbishop's Liturgy in the temple of the Lord's Ascension in Geprat's street, together with His Pre-eminence the Archbishop of Chicago and Central America mr. Petar from the Russian Orthodox Church. Archpriest prof. Dr. Vladimir Vukasinović, Vaja Jović and Milosav Radojević, archpriest Aleksandar Mihajlović, priest Slaviša Popović and Predrag Timotijević, as well as archdeakon Stevan Rapajić and Igor Davidović.

In the ceremonial celebrity lithium through the central city streets, Alexander Crown prince and Princess Katarina Karadjordjević, Directorate for the Cooperation of Churches and Religious Communities of Serbia dr. Mile Radojević, Deputy Mayor of the city mr. Andreja Mladenović, representatives of the Army of Serbia and the Police, as well as the numerous priesthood of the Archdiocese of Belgrade and Karlovac and the blessed people of the capital and the neighbourhood.

Спасовдан 1

Спасовдан 2

Спасовдан 4

Спасовдан 5