прота Драган Милин

In our temple on Tuesday, the 5th of March 2019, after Kanon of Saint Despot Stefan Lazarević, the lecture on the topic of "Incorrect and correct understanding of God" was given, held by the archipriest-stavrofor Dr. Dragan Milin (listen).

Месопусна недеља

In Mesopusnа Sunday in our sacred temple liturgy was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirović, with the service of archipriest-stavrofor Milan Radovanović, archipriest Novo Gojić and archideacon Nenad Mihajlović. At the Liturgy, Father Vladimir spoke (listen).


On Saturday, Holy Martyr of Theodore of Tyrone, on the eve of the Week without meet, our Holy Church remembers the dead. The liturgy was served by archipriest Milojko Milijančević, after the anvon prayer tne Commemoration was served.

Оливер Суботић

Today, on the 26th of February 2019, after the canon of Saint Despot Stefan Lazarevic, in our temple, the promotion of Oliver Subotić's book " About the Stone Rejected " was held (listen).

блудни сина 1

In the Sunday of the Blessed Son in our church, the Holy Liturgy was served by Father Milojko Milijancevic.

блудни сина 2

Woed after reqading the Gospel, according to the elder's blessing, presented father Radomir Čvoro. Today, our choir also celebrates its patron saint St. Georgi Kratovec (listen).

игуман Серафим

ArchipriestSerafim, the abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery - White Water, gave a lecture on the topic of Marriage and Family (listen).

најава предавања

The Lord's Candlemass is celebrated in the capital

о. Душан Михајловић

Father Dusan Mihajlovic, who is serving in Chile, held a lecture on his mission in this country tonight in the church of Ascension in Belgrade (listen).

Св. Три Јерарха

Today's liturgy, when the celebration of the Holy Three Triangle is, was celebrated by the archipriest Dragan Radovanović with the service of the brothers of our temple, father Dragan also talked about today's holiday (listen).