Недеља Раслабљеног

Sunday of the Weakened, the fourth Sunday after the Easter Sunday, dedicated to the miraculous healing of a weakened valetudinarian, who suffered for thirty-eight years (John 5, 1-14). In the canon this week, the Church celebrates the Resurrection of Christ, the Holy Woman carried oil, Archangel Michael, who waved the water once a year (John 5, 4) and weakened. The remembrance of the miracle at Siloam Spa, at the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem, has been celebrated this week since the 9th century, and today the memorial is celebrated on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, fourth week after the Pasha.

Divine Liturgy was served by father Milojko Milijančević with the service of father Nove Gojić and three deacons (listen).

Андреј Јефтић

On Tuesday, May the14th this year, at the traditional Spiritual Evening in the Ascension Church, the assistant professor dr. Andrej Jeftić, professor at the Orthodox and Teological Faculty of the University of Belgrade, held a phenomenal lecture on the topic "St. John the Golden Mouth - the Great Father of the Church" (listen).

прота Весин

In the temple of the Holy Ascension of the Lord in Belgrade, on Friday, May the 10th, archipriest-crossholder dr. Miloš Vesin, a paroch of South Chicago and Lensing, gave a lecture on the topic "MODERN MAN AND RESURRECTION" (listen).


The Sunday Myrrhholders is dedicated to the women of the holders of myrrh, the first witnesses of the resurrection of Christ, and also to Joseph of Arimathea, one of the secret christian disciples, as well as Nicodemus, who secretly came to Christ and listened to his teachings. Both of them performed the funeral of Christ. In addition to Mary of Magdalene, other holders of myrrh, who came to the grave to help Christ on the first day of the week wereSalome, the daughter of Joseph the Baptist, and the wife of Zeved, mother of the Apostle Johnthe Baptist and James and Mary, the mother of James the Little and Josiah (Mk 15 , 40). Apostle Luke also mentions Johnnah (Luke 24:10).

This year, on Sunday of zhe myrrhholders, fell also and the celebration of Saint Vasilije from Ostrog, the great protector of the Srbian families. This Sunday's liturgical assembly was led by archipriest Dragan Radovanović, with the four priests and three deacons serving with. Father Dragan spoke, and the liturgy was attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At the End of the Holy Liturgy, the Slavic cake was cut into the glory and honor of the Women of Myrhholders, who are the protectors of our sisters who help with our temple (listen).


At the time when the Roman Empire ruled the wicked Emperor Diocletian, the terrible torture and persecution of the followers of Christ arose. Saint George was born in Cappadocia, and from a small age he was raised and educated very piously. His parents were prominent and benevolent people. His father died martyrdom for Christ, and his mother later moved with him to his native Palestine. He grew up in a beautiful and brave young man, and he was taken to serve in the army of the mentioned earlier emperor Diocletian. In his twenties, he received a high rank of tribune (in the rank of today's colonel), but because of the courage shown in battle, the emperor produced him in the Duke. But since he was a Christian, he opposed the emperor on his order that all Christians should be tormented and cruelly killed. He gifted all his property and went for his faith and truth. The Emperor was very angry about this, and orders him to be thrown into the prison, and he was tormented by him in order to change his mind. But all these troubles did not affect young George, but on the contrary, they strengthen his faith in Christ, and he even more takes praise and gratitude to God. His troubles were terrible, but his faith was so strong that even though he was broken in pieces and as a reed broken, he endured everything, he knew that the Lord was with him because he sent an angel in the form of a young man who encouraged him with the words: "Rejoice "! Seeing that scene, the soldiers frightened and immediately informed the Emperor of everything, and he ordered that the holy martyr George be cast into a trench full of lime and be kept tattered for three days. But this could not hurt the saint, which greatly angered the emperor, and he made other troubles that continued to torture George, but everything was in vain, because it was the will of God to make St. George the crown of eternal glory.

They exacerbated young George together with Empress Alexander, who himself received Christ's faith on April the 23rd, year 303

The Liturgy in our temple on the feast of Holy Martyr George was served by the elder of the Temple Jerej Arsenije Arsenijević with the service of proto-monk Nenad Mihajlović (listen).


Apostle Thomas Sunday is the first Sunday after the Easter. It's also called Antipasha Sunday or,White Sunday. It is called the new Sunday, because the beginning of all the weeks begins with it, because after the Easter it is repeated for the first time, resurrection, and as it restores the great holiday of the Resurrection. It is dedicated to the Holy Apostle Thomas, and to his infidelity in the Resurrection of Christ.

The Holy Divine Liturgy, on Thomas's Sunday, was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević, with the service of archipriest Novo Gojić and two deacons. Father Arseny spoke (listen).

Васкршња служба

Christ's resurrection from the dead, death destroys death, of those who give life to the grave. In the midnight in our sacred ham, Easter morning service was served, and in the continuation the Holy Liturgy, was served by archipriest Milojko Milijancević together with the service of the brotherhood.

Васкршња служба

The litury was served by priest Vladimir Stanimirovicć at 9 a.m. toether with archipriest Novo Gojić.

The Serbian Orthodox Church to its spiritual children on EASTER in 2019

Велики петак

The Greate or Passionate Friday is a Christian holiday marking the suffering of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion on the cross, and his death for the salvation of the world. On Good Friday, the Church remembers the events that preceded Christ's crucifixion, beginning with the executionof Jesus Christ before Pontius Pilate, the unsuccessful attempt to accuse him, and the loud shouting of the Jewish people: "Crucifie him up", carrying the cross through the city, on the road towards Golgotha, and at the end of crucifixion, forgiveness, and earthly death. On this day, strict fast, food is prepared on the water, because all thoughts and prayers should be addressed to the Lord and the remind that he brought himself to the sacrifice, to love of all of us

The Evening service with the bringing out of the Plashtanica was served at 4 p.m. in our temple, and it was served by father Milojko with the service of the brothers of our church. Father Milojko presented the word about the holiday (listen).

The morning sevice of Saturday with Statie was served at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

о. Арсеније

Father Arsenije Arsenijević, the senior of the Vaznesenjska church, gave a lecture on the topic"The meaning of the victim-the pretaste to victory" in the festve hall (listen) on the 23rd of April, this year.