Liturgy on the feast of St. Basil of Ostrog was served by priest Arsenije Arsenijević, who addressed with the homily to the faithful.


Holy Basil is a great miracle maer whose miraculous deeds are known beyond the borders of the Serbian Orthodox Church. His holy body rests entirely in anchoress of Ostrog, non- susceptible to decay, for over a hundred years. The church where lie the relics of the Holy One of Ostrog is filled with a pleasant smell, which amazes each admirer. The fact of incorrupt body of this great saint, a phenomenon for itself, we Christians call - miracle. This phenomenon can only be understood and explained by the sacred life of Ostrog Saint. A life of St. Basil was truly a life in God, life after Christ, in which everything and all was Christ. Even greater miracle and proof of sanctity of St. Basil is the miraculous power of his non- decaying body. He, who in his earthly life was more like an angel than a man, lifted his spirit to the throne of God, and his body non-demise. This sacred body was during the earthly life the temple of the Holy Spirit, and after parting with his godlonging soul become a treasure trove of the grace of God. St. Basil of the Serbian Church in our Lord was appointed to a special mission, assistant and healer of the sick and needy, who with firm faith and love come and approach him as a great miracle maker and God pleaser. And today Ostrog hermitage, where prepared himself St. Basil and the underlying his relics, a kind of Bethesda, the spa healing, in which many people: the sick, the lame, the dry, he cramped and the insane are found with the grace of God and where thy return to their homes healthy in soul and body. I can not count the various wonders that the Lord through him did, and that every day it seems and it shows over every one who comes and asks for help from the Lord through this great saint, the great God pleaser, the great hierarch and teacher, prayer, ascet, zealot of the Holy Orthodox Faith, Basil of Ostrog, by miracles known throughout the universe.