недеља Глувна

Continuously managing Orthodox Christians during the Quadragesima to the sanctified feasts of fasting and repentance, the Church in the service of the fifth week comfort and encourage by the fact that they have already passed half of the post.Church for three days of the fifth week: Thursday, Saturday and the Resurrection day, incentives to the faithful of the wholesomeness. On Thursday, in the morning service, the Church will sing the whole canon of St. Andrew Kritsky and the Holy Virgin. and prep. Mary of the Egyptians. For these reasons, the reading of the canons of St. Andrew Kritsky on Thursday, of the fifth week of the Great fast, is still called the standing of Mary Egyptian.

In the fifth week of the fasting, the Liturgy Assembly was led by archipriest Dragan Radovanović. in his word, to the faithful father Dragan spoke about how and when to approach the Holy Chalice. (listen).